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Grantham Energy Committee

About the Energy Committee

The Board of Selectmen voted to establish a town Energy Committee at their meeting on November 12, 2014. The Energy Committee is advisory to the Board of Selectmen. The Energy Committee meets the first Monday of every month at 5:00PM in the Jerry Whitney Memorial Conference room, Grantham Town Hall, 300 Route 10 South, unless otherwise posted.


Paula Bresnick (Co-Chair), Kristina Burgard, Jenna Chenevert (Co-Chair), Andy Gelston, Don Fitzpatrick, Peggy Martineau, Michael Salo

Mission Statement
The Grantham Energy Committee’s mission is to encourage and facilitate energy conservation, energy efficient practices, and the use of sustainable energy in the Town of Grantham, including public buildings and properties, businesses, and residents’ homes. 


  1. Act in an advisory capacity to the Selectmen, and other Town boards, committees, and commissions in connection with matters relating to energy conservation, energy efficiency, ways to decrease municipal energy costs, or reduction of Grantham’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Work with public officials and municipal departments to identify and assess energy inefficiencies and to recommend practical and economical solutions or projects to make public buildings (e.g., town-owned buildings, the school, and the library) more energy efficient.
  3. Promote community-wide energy efficiency practices and incorporation of energy efficient features in new construction through education and outreach.
  4. Build awareness among Grantham residents, businesses, and other organizations regarding their energy consumption habits and demands, and the availability of more efficient and/or renewable energy resources.
  5. Seek grant opportunities and partnerships, where necessary, to provide financial assistance in the implementation of innovative energy initiatives.
  6. Form subcommittees, as necessary, to focus on specific objectives of the Energy Committee including, without limitation, grant writing, education, public relations, education, and outreach.



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